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Click on the link of the items below you’d like to read or view (oh, and what is your IMO doing for you?)


1) Use DE Statutory Trusts to Sell Real Estate and Defer the Taxes
2) Learn How Medicare Planning Can Double Your Income
3) Premium Finance Life (PFL) Bootcamp (Including Kai-Zen)
4) 2-Hour FIA Bootcamp
5) Use Social Media to Generate Leads (Webinar # 1—Making Social Media Work for You)
6) Asset Protection – Powerful Marketing without Pushing Products

White Papers

1) Asset Based Long-Term Care White Paper
2) Student Loan Debt 18-Page white paper
3) 21-page FIAs in ERISA Governed Pension Plans white paper
4) 16-page VCI white paper (EVERYONE needs to understand Volatility Control Indexes) (update coming spring 2022)

Books (free download in an e-format)

1) The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide (a must-read if you want to go after doctor clients)
2) Asset ProtectionThe Wedge (a roadmap for going after affluent clients)
3) Retiring Without Risk (the best book in the industry to learn IULs and FIAs)
4) Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them (#1 book advisors use when trying to pick up new clients).

The Divorce Planning Guidebook (new 2021)