Transamerica Launches New IUL Policy—How Does it Compare?

If Transamerica didn’t have a quasi-brainwashed and arguably the most ignorant sales force in the industry (World Financial Group agent) selling their IUL products, you wonder if they would have any sales. The new Transamerica IUL is not a very good product. It would come in at #12 on our current Top 16 IUL list when comparing IULs using the S&P 500 index for crediting.

-To download the “default” illustration in PDF, click here.
-To download what we think is a more realistic illustration (13% off the default rate), click here.

IUL Rate of Return Probability Chart (quite eye-opening)!

Click here to download the IUL ROR probability chart.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Commission Handbook (23-Pages)

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  • New: How 7702 Changed IUL Policies in a Big Way for the Better
  • New: New Trail Commission IUL (game changer for clients and advisors)
  • Target Premium
  • How Policy Design Effects Target Premium
  • Level vs. Increasing Death Benefit (and Term Blending)
  • Renewal and Excess Commissions
  • What Should Agents Get Paid?
  • Is Your IMO Cheating You Out of Commissions?
  • When Should You Take Less Commissions?
  • Big Commission Sales to Avoid