The Divorce Planning Guidebook—30 Years in the Making!

I’ve been asking my dad, Roccy, Sr., for years to help me with this book. He finally agreed and the book turned out AWESOME!  Sr. puts his knowledge from 30+ years of divorce wars into the book and the result is a very practical guide to avoiding the pitfalls of getting divorced.

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UPDATE: The book has been printed, but for advisors who find this website page, we will honor the discounted price. The book costs $24.95 and should be on Amazon within 10 days. However, if you want to buy it RIGHT NOW for only $10 (plus shipping) at this pre-printing discount, click on the following link:

This book is a strategic guide to help readers:

  • Plan before Divorce
  • Thrive in a Contested Divorce
  • Secure Child Custody
  • Secure “Fair” Alimony Payments
  • Obtain a “Fair” Property Settlement
  • Pre- and Post-Divorce Financial Planning*

*While Roccy, Sr. wrote the first 220 pages of the book, I wrote the final 141 pages of the book and focused on the financial aspects of pre- and post-divorce planning.

Table of Contents

To download the Table of Contents to this 356-page book, click on the following link:

The horse on the cover represents the divorce attorney and the divorce process is like a steeplechase race (a very difficult race). A good attorney will help readers “win the race” and the book helps readers pick an attorney or determine if their attorney needs to be fired.

The book gives readers “peace of mind” (through practical education and strategy) so that they don’t feel helpless/hopeless in a process that can be the most difficult experience of their lives.

Why is this a terrific subject for advisors to learn?

You’ve heard the statistics…50% of marriages end in divorce. There isn’t anyone reading this newsletter who doesn’t know someone (including family members and clients) who have gotten divorced over the last 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

What did you do to be helpful to your family or friends who were getting divorced?

What can you do now for the next friend or family member who will go through a divorce?

For most the answer will be ‘nothing’ and ‘I can’t be helpful now.’

You can change that immediately by reading this book.

So, what are you waiting for….

Book is Available Now on Kindle for $9.99

Click here if you’d like to buy the book right now on Kindle. I like printed books and considering the book is 7 x 10 and 362 pages, it’s a better bargain to get the printed version for $10 (plus shipping).