The C.A.L.M. Plan

Gather new clients with Comprehensive Asset Protection Planning
Supported by: Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP

CALM (Comprehensive Asset & Liability Management) is an asset protection sales platform that is unlike anything in the industry.

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What is CALM?

CALM is a problem identifying and problem solving sales platform.

Who is CALM for?

Affluent clients (high income and/or estate value, and definitely profitable small to medium sized businesses).

The focus of the CALM platform is asset protection in its broadest sense (protection from creditors, negligence suits, IRS, LTC expenses, etc.).

What does a client receive when they use CALM?

Typically clients receive an 8-12 page memo.

Who writes the memo?

Roccy DeFrancesco

Is there an action plan with the memo?

Yes. The final pages of the memo are bullet points telling the client what he/she needs to do in what order.

When advisors sit down to go over the memo with clients, they literally ask the client which one would they like to start with.

Best affluent client gatherer ever!

95% of the time advisors who use the CALM platform pick up the client and generate significant business from the memo.

What businessFIAs, cash value life, life for estate planning, AUM, single premium life, etc.

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