Superior Case Design

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The concept of “high-quality case design” from an IMO will seem like a foreign concept to most advisors.

For most IMOs, the idea of case design is to figure out a way to justify recommending the same 1, 2, 3 FIAs over and over again.

The reality is that premium placement into annuities always comes down to one thing: pricing.

At AdvisorShare, our case design research happens well before advisors identify a client who is in need of an annuity as one of their retirement solutions.

Each annuity transaction has four participants:

  1. The carrier
  2. The IMO
  3. The agent
  4. The client

At AdvisorShare we walk advisors through the product pricing so they understand that our recommendations are made to ensure that the client is getting the best product (not the product that makes the IMO or agent the most money).

What does pricing have to do with superior case design?  Everything!

The heads of IMOs understand pricing, but the “how it’s built” knowledge is too often NOT trickled down to the marketers “recommending” the product to the advisor.

With many IMOs, the main difference between whether your client ends up with a 12-year FIA or a 7-year FIA isn’t product superiority but rather pricing (in favor of the IMO).

It’s expensive to run and grow an IMO, but at what cost to your clients?

With a yield curve that has been relatively flat for the last half-decade, duration does not equal yield and only superior benefits should lead to longer surrender schedules. When IMOs recommend longer surrender charge annuities to generate higher revenue, the client is ultimately the one who suffers.

Pricing is where our superior case design approach starts!

There are several behind-the-scenes items to keep in mind when trying to find the best product for your clients.  Oftentimes the company that is the #1 seller or the carrier you see most on TV does NOT provide the best solution for your client.

Marketing costs money (lots of money) and those funds are shifted from the retirement solution (your client’s interest) and put back into the use of the carrier.

With our team’s knowledge of pricing, we’re able to find the best solutions for each client situation.

With our product recommendations, advisors will feel confident about the products recommended to their clients and won’t have to deal with upset clients who had a less than ideal outcome with the products they purchased.

In short, AdvisorShare is able to offer a completely different and more client-focused experience than other IMOs in the industry.