Student Loan Eliminator

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Americans have more debt in which of the following?

1) Auto loans
2) Credit card debt
3) Student loans

Most people don’t know that Americans have more Student Loan Debt (SLD) than credit cards or auto loans.

SLD in America is $1.5 Trillion dollars (yes T for Trillion).

Which debt has the most “severely delinquent when it comes to servicing the debt?

Yep, student loan debt servicing is by far the most “severely delinquent.”

SLD is a financial train wreck for most who have it!

Debt-Induced Depression—many people with significant SLD are depressed about their situation and many can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Borrowers with significant SLD can feel robbed of years of their life because of depression linked to having too much debt.

The statistics from various surveys/studies themselves are depressing.

-13% of divorcees blame SLD specifically for ending their marriage.

-13% of those in a New York Times survey said that SLD was the primary reason they decided not to have children.

-Millennials with NO SLD saved twice as much for retirement by age 30 as graduates with SLD.

-One study predicted that recent college graduates will have to wait until age 75 to retire in large part due to SLD.

The bottom line…SLD must be eliminated if college graduates are to improve their quality of life and live the life they hoped they’d live by going to college.

The question is HOW? What is the best and quickest way to pay off SLD?

For many, the answer is the Student Loan Eliminator.