Roccy’s IUL Ratings—Top 16 IUL Products

The #1 question I’m asked by advisors when it comes to IUL products is a simple one: “What’s the best IUL product in the industry today?” (or in other words, which IUL do I recommend advisors use)

If you wondered and also how 15 other IUL products rank on our Top 16 list, wonder no more.

Click on the following to download my Top 16 IUL ratings report

The report is 15 pages long and lists in order IULs with the best:

1) Cash accumulation
2) Tax-free retirement cash flow (highest loan amounts)

The following companies are rated in the download:

AIG, Allianz, Ameritas, Columbus Life, F&G, John Hancock, LSW/NLV,
Lincoln, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide, North American, Pacific Life, Penn Mutual
Securian (MN Life), Symetra, Transamerica

Volatility Control Indexes (VCI) vs. S&P 500 Index

The last two pages of the report are spreadsheets listing the products in order from best to worst. One page lists them in order using the “best” investment index as recommended by the companies (most use a VCI). The other page lists them in order using the S&P 500 index to generate returns and illustrate tax-free borrowing. It’s definitely interesting to see the different accumulation values and tax-free borrowing amounts when you use a VCI vs. the S&P 500.

The following is an example of what the charts look like.

We will update the report at least twice a year (more if needed) and those who sign up for this piece will get the updated report without having to sign up for the updates in the future.