Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Affiliation
Peace of Mind Planning

Roccy DeFrancesco has been recommending for nearly 10 years that all insurance agents should pass the Series 65 exam and become an IAR under an RIA.


1) Protection from regulations

  • 151A that scared everyone
  • State laws that are classifying insurance agents as fiduciaries
  • Source of Funds Rule (if you don’t know it you need to!)

2) Giving more comprehensive advice

Insurance agents, whether they like to admit it or not, are stuck selling insurance products. Without helping clients with their investible assets, it’s impossible for insurance agents to do real financial/retirement planning.

3) Leaving money on the table

By not helping clients with their investible dollars, insurance agents are not only leaving significant money on the table, they are foregoing creating annual and sustainable reoccurring revenue. If done right, advisors should, at a minimum, bring in $2 million in AUM every year. With $10 million in AUM, that’s close to $100,000 in annual reoccurring revenue.

Don’t Wait!

POM Planning is an RIA that “gets it.” That means POM not only understands the use of fixed products in a financial plan, it embraces their use. If you want to expand your ability to help clients and grow your revenue, we highly recommend that you check out POM Planning.