Retirement Life

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What is Retirement Life™ (RL)?

It’s the only trademarked IUL (Indexed Universal Life) sales platform in the industry, and it is exclusive to advisors who are licensed to sell through our IMO.

Retirement Life™ Marketing Tools

There is a 1-page client brochure (on the left) and a 7-page brochure on the right below for Retirement Life™.


Educational Book with Name on Cover

The #1 book in the industry to educate and motivate (in a full disclosure/non-fluff manner) clients to learn more about IULs and FIAs is Retiring Without Risk. Advisors who work with our IMO can write the Foreword (putting your name on the cover) and have all your contact information in the book so readers can contact you with question (or to tell you they want to buy a RL policy. See the following example cover. If you don’t have a copy of this book, you should get a copy ASAP by clicking here.

Free Book Giveaway

You can give away an unlimited amount of the book Retiring Without Risk in an e-format. This is a great way to build an e-mail database of potential clients to drip on. For more information, click here.

Educational Videos

There are also two educational videos advisors can use to educate and motivate their clients. These videos are done by six time author and attorney Roccy DeFrancesco. They are great third party verification tools to back up what you are telling clients about the use of IUL.

To view the videos, click on the following (the video on the left is a general video about the benefits of IUL and the video on the right is one comparing IUL to tax-deferred 401(k) plans):