2-Hour Premium Finance Life (PFL) Bootcamp (Including Kai-Zen) On Recording

Click here to sign up for Premium Finance Life Bootcamp (a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity).

We did a 2-hour Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) boot camp and over 750 advisors signed up. If you missed the FIA bootcamp and want to watch it on recording, click on the following link:


I’m excited to have two of the industyr’s top firms presenting this PFL bootcamp.

Why does EVERYONE want to sell PFL? To be blunt, it’s the commissions. When you are borrowing millions of dollars and sticking it into a life insurance policy the commissions are large.

Most PFL that should close don’t close—most agents who try to sell PFL cases screw them up due to their own lack of understanding of the structures and process. This webinar was designed to help advisors significantly increase their closing ratio.

What will be covered in the webinar?

1) How big is the PFL market (who are good candidates for PFL sales?)?

2) Large premium finance cases vs. smaller (why they are so different).

3) The PFL sales process

-The client meeting/presentation
-Life insurance policy design (custom for each client)
-Underwriting (can be one of the most difficult steps in the process)
-Lending (underwriting, collateral, personal guarantees, ongoing loan management)
-Closing the deal

4) PFL for death benefit vs. tax-free income.

5) Viable exit strategies for PFL structures.

6) PFL sales/structures to AVOID!

7) Rolling up interest on the loan (good or bad?).

8) How to design a PFL for success vs. failure (real stress testing).

9)  Unique loan structures few in the industry have access to and understanding leverage.

10) How 7702 affects PFL


Everyone seems to want my opinion about Kai-Zen because I’ve been critical of mass marketed premium finance structures in the past. During this bootcamp I’ll give my unvarnished opinion of Kai-Zen and the speaker will go over it in great detail.

If you don’t know, Kai-Zen is a premium finance case designed for lower net worth clients who may not qualify for a traditional premium finance structure or who could but prefer the ease and simplicity of Kai-Zen.