Premium Financed Life RESCUE Program!
Webinar on Recording

Thank you for your interest in a topic that can really be a burden and stress reliever for both consumers who have PFL plans and agents who sold them. With interest rates high, many PFL structures are imploding. Many are calling for massive increases in collateral. There are few ways to help clients who want out from under the burden of a PFL structure. This webinar goes over one viable solution to get clients out of these structures.

Stop Building Someone Else’s IMO and Start Building Equity in an IMO You Own!

The chances are about ZERO that you are working with an IMO where from the business you place, you are becoming an owner in that IMO. When we built AdvisorShare, we carved out 50% of the IMO to be owned by producing advisors. And of course, any IMO that was founded by Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP is one that will ALWAYS put forth the best product recommendations for clients regardless of commission to the IMO.

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