Thinking Outside-The-Box Question

What’s the Answer?

The following is the answer to the question about which of the three people you should give a ride to who you ran into at a bus stop on a stormy day.

I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him drive the old lady to the hospital.
I would then stay behind to wait for the bus with the woman of my dreams!

What was my answer? I felt for the old lady and thought she should be taken care of first.  I figured my friend would agree and as for the woman of my dreams, I thought sacrificing a potential life with her was worth saving an old lady’s life.

Will this question change the way you look at things?  I hope so. I often think of this question when faced with a dilemma and I think it has helped me think outside the box when coming up with the best solution.    

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Use a Decision Tree to Decide if You Should Become Series 65 licensed

Another great way to make better decisions is to use a “decision tree.” I created one for those who are thinking of getting a Series 65 license, but a decision tree can be useful when used to make any critical or important decision. To download and try my Series 65 decision tree, click here or on the following image.