Why the OnPointe Quick Score App is a Killer Lead Gen Tool

To try the Quick Score App for yourself, click on the following link: https://investmentriskscore.com/quick-score

To see the website we built as an example lead gen tool, go to: https://investmentriskscore.com

The #1 question I receive from advisors is how can they generate more leads? While there is no magic wand for leads, the question I ask advisors is:

How many lead gen tools do you have at your disposal?

The answer most of the time is NOT ENOUGH!

What makes for a good or great lead gen tool? How about a tool that…

instantly gets a consumer’s attention
motivates a consumer to fill out a form with their contact information
collects useful info that can be used to start a conversation about a consumer’s wealth

Also, wouldn’t it be nice if it was usable on Facebook, LinkedIn, and your website?

If a consumer saw the following, how motivated would they be to try the app? Very motivated. Why? Because MOST consumers have NO IDEA how risky their investments are.

Do you wonder how risky your investments are?
Find out RIGHT NOW by using our Investment Risk Quick Score App!

What does the Quick Score App do?

It scores the investment risk for stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc., on a scale of 1-100.

What will leads/consumers do with the app? They will score the top 5-10 holdings of their current portfolio.

What will they score 1st?  Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Tesla? The following is a chart with numbers a consumer will see if they score Apple…

Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Tesla all score 100!

Shock and Engage

The idea is to FREAK OUT consumers so they wonder if their portfolio is too risky. If so, the consumer will contact the advisor who gave them access to the app to  discuss investment risk and ways that the advisor can help mitigate investment risk (FIAs, IULs, risk-managed portfolios).

If the advisor is securities licensed, he/she can also OFFER to score the consumer’s entire portfolio using the OnPointe Risk Analyzer software.

What is your personal investment Risk Score?

Discover your investment risk tolerance today!

The Quick Score App goes hand-in-hand with the OnPointe client risk questionnaire. Once consumers are freaked out at the risk of their top 5-10 holdings, many will want to find out what their Personal Risk Score is. That can be done using the client questionnaire.

Most consumers come in with a personal risk score of between 30-45. Many times a consumer’s top holdings will have an average in excess of 70! When this happens, consumers will get doubly freaked out and will want to talk with the advisor who provided access to these apps!

This is why the OnPointe Quick Score App coupled with the client questionnaire are such terrific lead gen tools.

Try these lead gen apps for yourself and see what you think.

Want information on how you can use these apps for lead gen? Email support@onpointeriskanalyzer.com and we’d be happy to get you more information.