A CRM program is something that EVERY advisor should be using with EVERY client. Doing so will help you avoid regulatory issues and mitigate lawsuits.

Most CRM systems are expensive and difficult to use. OnPointe CRM “light” is extremely easy to use and offers the core functions that every CRM offers.

Take and save notes (like about in person or phone conversations with a client/lead)
Add attachments (like an illustration (life or annuity) you emailed or gave to a client)
Send emails

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The #1 marketing mistake advisors make is not consistently dripping on clients, leads, and referral courses with bi-weekly educational e-newsletters.

Excuses why advisors DON’T send e-newsletters?

1) I don’t have the time
2) I don’t have the technology
3) I don’t have the content
4) I don’t want to spend the money

With the new OnPointe E-Mail, these excuses are now GONE!

How does OnPointe E-mail work?

1) Advisors are set up with their own unique e-mail system.
2) Advisors can load as many email addresses as they’d like.
3) Advisors can send as many e-newsletters as they’d like.
4) The system tracks who opens them, if they clicked on anything in the newsletter, etc.

Roccy DeFrancesco creates two new e-newsletters a month to send

These newsletters are auto-loaded and branded to an advisor’s system. All you have to do is read it, approve it, and send it out.

SEC/FINRA complianteach newsletter is scrubbed by an independent compliance company.

Capture Leads with Inspirational Landing Pages

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What goes hand-in-hand with an email drip system? A landing page system to collect data!

With the OnPointe Landing Page system, you can create highly effective landing pages with ease using our drag and drop page editor.

And the best part? No development skills are required. Publish with a single click and start capturing leads immediately.

No, really, and the best part? Advisors who work with AdvisorShare can have several landing pages pre-loaded to give away books (like the Retiring Without Risk, The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide, Bad Advisors, and The Home Equity Acceleration Plan) and several different white papers.