OnPointe Risk Light—For Insurance Agents

If you are interested in using OnPointe Risk Light at the AdvisorShare discounted rate, email roccy@onpointeriskanalyzer.com.

OnPointe Risk Analyzer is the best software in the industry when:

1) Assessing the risk tolerance of consumers.
2) Scoring the risk of individual investments and portfolios.
3) Incorporating the use of fixed products (FIAs and IULs) to bring down the risk of a portfolio.

To watch an overview video showing how the software works, click here.

What do insurance agents get with OnPointe Risk Light?

The client questionnaire—this assesses a client’s risk tolerance (appetite for risk in the stock market) and gives them a score from 1 to 100. This should be used with every client who buys an FIA and IUL product to help prove the suitability of the recommendation.

To try the client questionnaire, which also has a killer 3-bucket sales approach built into it, click here.

Quick Score App—this is a great lead gen tool. It allows consumers to score their own individual investments to determine how risky they are. Since Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Tesla all score 100, it will freak many consumers out and will motivate them to have their entire portfolio scored and start looking for ways to mitigate their investment risk.

To try the Quick Score App, click here.

The ability to illustrate generic market portfolios—without a securities license, insurance agents can’t talk about specific securities or a client’s specific portfolio. However, what an insurance agent can do is talk about the risk of the market in general and how fixed products can be used to reduce that risk.

The following is an image from OnPointe Risk Light showing a comparison of a 60/40 stock-to-bond portfolio compared to a 60/40 stock-to-FIA mix using an FIA with a VCI (Volatility Control Index). OnPointe software does a tremendous job of showing the value of using FIAs to bring down the risk without hurting yields too much and why FIAs should be considered as a replacement for bonds in a portfolio.

Coupling the use of this software with AdvisorShare’s relationship with Peace of Mind Planning (and RIA who has securities licensed advisors available to talk with an insurance agents clients about the specific investments and which one should be sold to fund fixed products (click here to learn more about this service)), we believe advisors will have a competitive advantage over their competition and will make sure they are not running afoul of the Source of Funds Rule.