OnPointe IUL Comparisons

This information goes along with my newsletter titled: F&G approves IUL comparison software.

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FYI, the default of the software is to compare level retirement cash flow scenarios. However, you can toggle it to show the same annual cash flow to show the IUL in a different light (see the below chart)

In the newsletter I used my classic example client:

45-year old healthy male
$15,000 a year into the F&G trail commission product until age 65
7.16% ROR in the in IUL and 8.5% gross for the brokerage account (so this is
heavily slanted in favor of growing money in the stock market)

Additional terms not included in the newsletter:

15% capital gains tax annually on the brokerage account (to learn more about what is an appropriate cap. gains tax click here).
25% income tax rate at funding and in retirement.

Retirement Cash flow comparisons (annually from age 66-90):

$42,496 = Taxable brokerage account
$78,544 = IUL via tax-free borrowing    

$36,048 = Difference annually
$901,200 = Total difference ages 66-90

Tax-deferred 401(k)—for this example, I’m going to assume the client is in the 25% income tax bracket now and in retirement. The software grosses up the contribution to the 401(k) plan based on the client’s income tax bracket ($20,000 goes into the 401(k) for this comparison).

$49,257 = Annual after-tax distributions from the 401(k)               

$29,287 = Difference annually
$732,175 = Total difference ages 66-90

Total “trail” commissions from sale

$7,492 = Five year total
$15,905 = Ten year total
$141,971 = Age 90 total

Why not use a better IUL product and one that over time will pay you 250% more in commissions?

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP
Founder, The Wealth Preservation Institute
Co-Founder, The Asset Protection Society