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Past Newsletters

New Trail Commission IUL (250%+ more commissions over time)
Use DE Statutory Trusts to Sell Real Estate and Defer Taxes
Allianz Launches New 7702 IUL Policy—How Does it Compare
Use a Decision Tree to Decide if You Should Become Series 65 licensed
Shurwest (IMO) Files Bankruptcy and MN Life Sues Quantum Alleging Fraud

Is MECing a IUL Better than Funding an FIA?
Why CPAs are Wrong about Buying Annuities in IRAs
The Best Asset-Based LTC Policy IMOs Don’t Know About
Use Social Media to Generate Leads—Free Webinar Series!
I’m Buying IUL Policies for My Kids! Why Aren’t You?
NAIC Requires Risk Assessment in its 2020 Annuity Suitability Rules
Is IRA Rescue Using IUL the Next Big Class Action Lawsuit?
Pac Life Sued in Class Action Over Deceptive IUL Sales

Past Webinars

Premium Financed Life Bootcamp
FIAs in ERISA Governed Pension Plans (the best opportunity for growth this year!)
Will the NEW AG 49 Regs Kill IUL Sales?
2-Hour FIA Bootcamp
Asset Protection (your best wedge topic to pick up affluent clients)


Asset-Based Long-Term Care Product White Paper
50-State Law Asset Protection Chart
21-page FIAs in ERISA Governed Pension Plans white paper (new)
The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide
Retiring Without Risk (best consumer book to learn IUL and FIAs)
Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them
14-page AG49 white paper (understanding the consequences of new IUL Regs)
16-page VCI white paper (EVERYONE needs to understand Volatility Control Indexes)
FIAs as an Asset Class (a white paper for fiduciaries to consider)
Student Loan Debt 18-Page white paper