AdvisorShare—New IMO Launches with Equity Ownership for Advisors

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AdvisorShare’s motto is:
 Stop building someone else’s IMO and start building equity in your own IMO!

Why after all these years did I decide to start an IMO?

1) Best product recommendations—I’m NOT a fan of most IMOs. Most DO NOT make the “best” product recommendations (they redundantly recommend the same high commission products vs. ones that are best for clients).

Daniel McDonald, who is a co-owner and runs the IMO, is the best annuity wholesaler I’ve worked with in 20+ years (and if you know me I don’t heap praise on people very often).  His sole goal, and that of his team, is to make sure that only the best products are sold (regardless of commissions).

2) Service—most advisors think the IMO(s) they work with give awful service. I’ve worked with a few “good” IMOs but never had authority to hold internal marketers accountable. With AdvisorShare, I can and will hold people accountable if they are not giving advisors the service they need.

3) TransparencyIMOs are NOT transparent. Most advisors have no idea how much money IMOs make on their business. I’ve known what IMOs make for many years and it’s truly stunning (look at their large overstaffed brick and mortar offices). At AdvisorShare we are 100% transparent on what the IMO makes and what you make so you can stop wondering if you are getting a fair deal.

4) IMO ownership! This is the one that will get most advisors’ attention. AdvisorShare is a virtual IMO. All staff work essentially from a home office. This creates an environment where better service can be given to advisors and it keeps costs way down.

When you couple low overhead and a willingness to create a “fair” business model, that allows the IMO to carve out a large percentage of the IMO to be owned over time by producing advisors. And that’s just what we did with AdvisorShare.

5) Annual profit shares—as part of the unique AdvisorShare business model, when it’s profitable, producing advisors can receive an annual profit share.

2020 Ownership & Profit Share Examples

We soft launched AdvisorShare at the end of June of 2020. With 53 advisors writing, AdvisorShare had $55 million in submitted business in 2020.

Here are the ownership units and year-end profit share for a few of the top advisors:

Advisor 1             Year-End Profit Share = $7,763; Ownership Units = 388
Advisor 2             Year-End Profit Share = $5,548; Ownership Units = 277
Advisor 3             Year-End Profit Share = $3,224; Ownership Units = 161

Not bad for about six months’ worth of business.

In 2021, we expect that AdvisorShare will have close to $200 million of annuity business submitted with our top advisors receiving profit shares of $20,000+ (and that’s just annuity business, not life business, which AdvisorShare can also help advisors with).

Marketing, marketing, marketing!

AdvisorShare definitely has some of the best/most unique marketing tools in the industry (

But it also has something I’ve not announced yet, and that’s an online lead system.  I’ve been working with our OnPointe Marketing Suite team to create several online lead funnels. We are testing them right now and they look very promising (leads with a cost as low $5 each, which is crazy).

Come the first part of 2021, advisors who work with AdvisorShare will get access to an online lead system that has been vetted and works. I’ll put out more info on this in early 2021.

Are you ready to stop building someone else’s IMO and
start building equity in your own IMO?

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP
Founder, The Wealth Preservation Institute
Co-Founder, The Asset Protection Society