Learn How Medicare Planning Can Double Your Income

By: Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CMP, CAPP

How big is the Medicare market?

How about every single American who turns 65 (which is OVER 10,000 a day)!

Stealing your clients—if you don’t help your clients with Medicare, your competitors will! Ask any 65-year old how many solicitations they received three months before they turned 65. Many will say multiple calls every day.

So learning this topic is for self-preservation and lead generation.

Intro to Medicare Planning and Lead Generation
Webinar—On Recording

To view this webinar, click on the following link: https://advisorshare.com/medicare-blueprint

Medicare is a topic that can help advisors:

  1. find 25+ new clients every year
  2. substantially increase your income
  3. create reoccurring revenue

The above sounds awesome right?

But if I asked if you wanted to learn Medicare Planning, what would you say?  Most advisors would say thanks but no thanks.  But why?

I shunned this topic for years because I thought it was for knuckle-dragging agents who couldn’t make a living. I even laughed to myself at advisors who said starting on October 15th they couldn’t do anything because it’s the start of Medicare enrollment.

Medicare Blueprint

I decided to get this topic out to those who read my newsletter after I reconnected with Jason Mackey, an advisor I’ve known for 15+ years. Jason is the co-creator of the Medicare Blueprint™.

The Medicare Blueprint™ is a turnkey program he built for advisors to use to pick up Medicare clients. The Medicare Blueprint™ is a process to educate clients to make informed decisions. His process doesn’t require any selling because clients will know what they want after going through the system.

In addition to this step-by-step educational sales process, Jason has perfected an internet lead system where leads cost about $6.

So, on the webinar, you’ll not only learn the basics of Medicare planning, but you’ll learn all about the Medicare Blueprint™ marketing system.

Increased Revenue with Medicare Planning

  1. You make about $20 a month per client. Don’t laugh, when you get 100 clients (which isn’t hard), you are making $2,000 a month. This is reoccurring revenue every year. I know advisors in addition to Jason who make over $100,000 a year on Medicare renewals.
  2. You can cross-sell many Medicare clients with your normal products/services (FIAs, IULs, AB-LTC policies, and pick up AUM).
  3. You get referrals. Medicare is a terrific topic to get referrals from existing clients.

Common Medicare Mistakes

To give you a feel for the subject matter, here are some common Medicare mistakes:

  • Not understanding late enrollment penalties (could be a 10% premium increase for multiple years).
  • Assuming both spouses should have the same plan—this happens more with Part D prescription plans and could cost clients thousands of dollars.
  • Assuming each year that you have the best plan—plans can and do change annually and if you are not monitoring this annually, it can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Not signing up for Medicare at age 65 if you are still employed and have health insurance through the employer. If your employer has less than 20 employees, Medicare becomes your primary insurance and the employer’s becomes secondary. So, if you don’t sign up for Medicare, you are stuck paying 80% of what Medicare would have paid.

Bottom line….whether you are struggling to make a living in this industry, whether you are par to the Million Dollar Round Table, or whether you have a book of 10, 20, 50+ million dollars in AUM, Medicare planning is something you should learn and use not only to help clients, but to grow your business and generate significantly more revenue.