Marketing to Doctors

Why market to doctors?

1) Most doctors make a good living no matter the financial circumstance of the country.
2) Most doctors have asset protection issues.

If you can help doctors reduce income taxes, protect their assets from lawsuits, get their estate plan in order, and help with with better corporate structuring (if not employed by a hospital), you can pick up many new doctors as clients each year.

Best way to market to doctors?

Work with and piggyback the credibility of Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP. Roccy worked at a law firm that specialized in suing doctors; he ran an orthopedic clinic for three years, he’s written dozens of articles for medical journals and spoken at medical society seminars, and he wrote the #1 book to help doctors protect and grow their wealth (The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide).

Get Roccy on the phone or book him in your local area as a speaker

Roccy is a unique resource for advisors who work with AdvisorShare can utilize. He will do CALM case designs for doctors, he’ll get on the phone to talk with them, and he’ll even come out to your local area to be a speaker at a seminar on asset protection.

If you are interested in having Roccy help you market to doctors, contact him directly at or give him a call at 269-216-9978.

Using Disability Insurance as a Trojan Horse to Pick Up Doctor Clients

To watch a webinar where our DI expert will teach you how to use DI as a unique door opening tool to work with doctors, click here.

The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide (Free Download)

To download a copy of the 8th Edition of the doctor’s book (350 pages), click on the following link: