Use Social Media to Generate LeadsFree Webinar Series!

Webinar # 1—Making Social Media Work for You


To sign up for webinar #1 in our online lead gen series, click on the following link:

Session #1 of this webinar series will cover:

  • Choosing a social strategy that works for you
  • Optimizing your social profile for maximum success
  • Top social hacks to stand out from the crowd
  • Why most advisors FAIL at using social media
  • How social can turn into a gold mine of new leads

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally tired of seeing ads for ONLINE lead gen. I probably get 20 a week. If you do too, how do you know which ones you should look into and ultimately which firms to hire?

Most advisors spending money on online lead gen are NOT getting their money’s worth, are frustrated, and don’t know who to trust.

That’s about to change!

OnPointe Marketing Suite—many of those who read my newsletters do know that I have a software company. It offers the best risk assessment software in the industry (OnPointe Risk Analyzer which is so much better than Riskalyze) AND OnPointe Marketing Suite.

The reason you haven’t heard much about our OnPointe Marketing Suite is because over the last three months we’ve been working on creating several online lead funnels; funnels that advisors can plug into and use at a very “reasonable” cost.

When I found out that OnPointe’s CTO, Rob Harbin, is an expert in online lead gen, we  decided to free up some of his time and that of the programming team to create an online lead funnel system inside OnPointe.

So, we are currently beta testing some online lead funnels. We hope to have a few ready to go in the next 30-60 days (it takes time to perfect a new online lead funnel).

In the meantime, I twisted Rob’s arm to do what I try to do for advisors, .e.g. educate them.

Education is power!

In my normal job, I educate and mentor advisors on asset protection, life, and annuities, mitigating investment risk, advance estate, and tax planning, etc. My role has not been to educate and teach advisors about social media. My knowledge in this area isn’t good enough.

But Rob has knowledge galore and he’s bringing that knowledge to this webinar series.

What advisors should attend these webinars?

  1. Those who are thinking of investing money in online lead gen
  2. Those who have already spent money without good results
  3. Those who are thinking of learning how to generate their own leads

Session #2 will cover: Preparing to capture leads

  • Why advisors need a landing page
  • How to design an effective lead capture process
  • Using thank you pages and follow-up messages to increase engagement

Session #3 will cover: Generating new traffic

  • How to start the flow of new leads
  • Why many strategies fail to generate traffic
  • Top 3 things every advisor MUST do to keep their pipeline full

If you are currently spending money on online lead gen or are thinking about it (which should be every advisor), I highly recommend you sign up for this webinar as well as future ones we’ll put out.