Life Insurance

AdvisorShare’s goal is to help advisors provide the best solutions and case design to their clients.

This is best done using a team approach and covering multiple areas such as:

Life insurance; Annuities; AUM; Estate planning; Asset protection; LTC; and more.

When working with most IMOs, advisors are stuck talking with an internal marketer who knows one secular topic such as life insurance or annuities.

AdvisorShare is unique because it offers a team that can truly create comprehensive plans for clients that “integrate properly” the use of life insurance, annuities, AUM, or whatever tools are needed to provide them the best plans.

Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, AdvisorShare happens to have one of the industry leaders, Roccy DeFrancesco, as a resource for case design and direct sales calls with clients.

The point person for new life sales is Blair Schadler who has been working side by side with Roccy for nearly 10 years. Blair is terrific with case design and can pull in other experts of the team as needed for help.

If you need help with a case, please email or call 269-449-4802.

AdvisorShare focuses on:

  1. The proper use of cash value life insurance and Indexed Universal Life (IUL) specifically.
  2. Single premium life for LTC benefits
  3. No cash value UL is the least expensive way to buy a guaranteed death benefit.

Sales/Educational Tools—we offer advisors the best educational/sales tools in the industry to communicate the value of IUL as an asset class and tax-free supplemental retirement tool.

Those tools include:

Stop wondering if you are offering the best products to your clients…

Stop wondering if the design of the products you are selling is truly in your client’s best interest…

Start working with AdvisorShare on your cases and know that you will always be offering the best products to your clients with designs that are in their best interest!