New Trail Commission IUL Launches (250%+ more commission over time) Launched November 22, 2021

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This is the IUL (Indexed Universal Life) product every good advisor has been waiting for!

Why will insurance agents love this product?  You can build a huge book of reoccurring revenue.

Why will RIAs and IARs love this product? The same reason!

And it’s great that the product is also better for the client!

Limited Distribution (only 7 IMOs)

Only seven IMOs will have access to this product. Email me at with the one you work with and I’ll tell you if it’s on the list.

More Borrowing & More Commission

Let’s get right to why this is an awesome product with an example.

45-year old male, preferred, $15,000 premium for 20 years, borrow tax-free from ages 66-90, increasing death benefit during the payment period and then level.  I’ll use the default crediting rate so if you want to compare this product you can use the competitor’s default crediting rate.

The comparison will be two-fold:

  1. The non-trail commission product at the same company, and
  2. The NEW Allianz IUL product (one of the few companies I like in the IUL space)

Annual tax-free borrowing from 66-90

  • Allianz’s NEW IUL $49,537
  • New trail commission IUL $78,480
  • Non-trail commission IUL from same company $70,838

Interesting isn’t it?  The trail commission IUL beats Allianz’s new IUL by 58% annually.

The trail product also beats the same company’s up-front commission product by 11% annually.

From a consumer perspective, the trail comp product is better.

More Commissions

What many agents care about are the commissions. Let’s look at the Target Commission with these three products:

  • Allianz’s NEW IUL $5,626
  • New trail commission IUL $N/A
  • Non-trail commission IUL from same company $4,295

With most IUL products, 90% of the commission is paid in year one. If you are paid 100% of target, your commission would be the numbers above for year one. Then you’d get a very small ongoing commission the next nine years (approximately 10% of the 1st year commission).

Total comp. with the NEW Allianz product would be approximately $11,252.

Here is how trail commissions are calculated on the new product:

  • 9.5% of the premiums paid each year ($1,425 in this example each year)
  • 20 basis points trail on the account value starting in month 13 (pays as long as it’s in force)

Total Commission on actual premiums paid?


Trail Commissions—(20 basis points)

If the client funds and borrows as illustrated, the additional TRAIL comp = $70,359.

Which do you want?

$11,252 over 10 years (with no more commissions) OR

$15,905 over 10 years (with additional comp for decades to come)

  • Commission paid as illustrated after 20 years$38,234
  • Commissions paid until age 85 (the client’s assumed age of death)? $98,859

Good for Clients—Good for You!

Don’t wait to sign up for information on this product.  If you have a case you are working on now, stop and wait for this new product to launch. Your clients will thank you and your bank account will thank you over time!

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP
Founder, The Wealth Preservation Institute
Co-Founder, The Asset Protection Society