Stop Building Someone Else’s IMO. …

AND Start Building Equity in an IMO You Own!

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Are you “appreciated” by the IMO(s) you work with? Most advisors would say NO!

What do “appreciated advisors” get from their IMO? Better case design support? Extra commissions? Marketing dollars? Maybe a trip that’s paid for?

What do advisors get for helping build the value of an IMONOTHING! Advisor receives no long-term benefit from helping build an IMO’s business.

Why AdvisorShare is Breaking New Ground in the IMO Community

AdvisorShare has been on the drawing board of Roccy DeFrancesco for years, i.e., the idea of an IMO that carves out a significant amount of ownership for producing advisors. From the start, 50% of AdvisorShare was set aside from the start to potentially be owned by producing advisors.

Daniel McDonald (Co-Managing Member and Principal of AdvisorShare) knows as much or more about FIA products than anyone in the industry and has the desire and talent to run an IMO that puts the client first with ALL recommendations that are made.

Together Roccy and Daniel decided to work together to bring this unique business model to the industry so advisors could truly be rewarded for the business they submit to the IMO they work with.

Profit-Sharing and Payoff Upon Sale

ALL producing advisors can avail themselves to an annual profit share. Also if the IMO is sold, vested advisors will be paid off.

There is NO COST to become an owner in AdvisorShare! Advisors become owners with their business.

Also, the idea of transparency so advisors know what money is on the table when it comes to overrides on their business is a key issue for AdvisorShare (most advisors have NO IDEA what’s on the table). Advisors who work with AdvisorShare will know how much in override commissions the IMO can make on their business.

Are you ready to start building equity in your own IMO instead of building someone else’s IMO?

If so, we’d be happy to set up a time to talk with you.

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