Using CALM and OnPointe to Sell FIAs and Gather AUM

Helping advisors show value to clients and making the sale!

Recently I’ve been doing hybrid CALM memos for advisors and I even surprised myself at how well they’ve turned out. They turned out so good, that I decided to let advisors read several of them.

To download four (4) CALM memos advisors have used to pick up AUM/sell FIAs, click on the following (on this form you can also indicate your desire to start using CALM memos with clients):

What is a CALM memo?

If you missed my newsletter titled: Using the CALM Plan & Co-Opting my Credibility click here to read it. If you want to watch a WEBINAR where I explain what CALM memos are and how advisors can use them, click on the following link:

What are hybrid CALM memos?

Full-blown CALM memos for clients cover everything (asset protection, estate planning, life, annuities, AUM, DI, AB-LTC, and more).  Hybrid CALM memos…

  1. Analyze the client’s current (usually crummy) portfolio.
  2. Compare their client’s current portfolio to other more viable investment strategies (POM multi-manager tactical strategies, portfolios built and managed by Joe Maas, or other portfolios the advisor is currently using.
  3. Incorporate the use of FIAs as an asset class to bring down risk in a portfolio.
  4. Incorporate the use of IULs as an asset class when appropriate.

These memos are really good and I highly recommend you download/read them for yourself.

OnPointe Risk Analyzer

Simply put, OnPointe Risk Analyzer is the best “point-of-sales tool” in the industry today. If you are not using OnPointe to pick up and CLOSE new clients, you are making a mistake. OnPointe Risk is a key tool used in the hybrid CALM memos.

In the hybrid CALM memos I

  1. Use the client’s Risk Tolerance and Risk Capacity score as calculated by OnPointe.
  2. Score the client’s current portfolio using OnPointe.
  3. Design a new and more suitable portfolio using OnPointe.
  4. Incorporate the use of FIAs into portfolios in OnPointe to bring down risk as needed.
  5. Use the OnPointe IUL comparison tool if an IUL is appropriate for the client.

The narrative from hybrid CALM memos is impossible to rebut! The hybrid CALM memos so clearly indicate that the client’s current investment mix is not very good and why the mix proposed by the advisor is designed to provide much better “risk-adjusted returns,” that there isn’t a way for a client to rebut or defend the use of their current portfolio.

3-Bucket Approach to Building Wealth

The hybrid memos use the client’s numbers from the 3-bucket approach to building wealth which is filled out when doing the OnPointe client questionnaire. It may look like the following:

To learn more about the 3-bucket sales system built into OnPointe, click here.

What great intel on the clients! They will tell you how much money should go into FIAs (bucket #1), how much should go into tactically managed strategies and/or an IUL (bucket #2), and how much should be in a let-it-ride growth portfolio (bucket #3).

The 3-bucket info along with the other info from the questionnaire helps me build the story and connect with clients and get them to buy into the recommendations made in the memo.

Can you create hybrid CALM memos on your own?

Yes, I’d say after reviewing my memos, any advisor could do them on their own.

For advisors working with our IMO (, our RIA (, or for advisors working directly with Joe Maas, I will help advisors create these memos.

Not Securities licensed?

No problem. The team at our RIA will:

  1. Analyze your client’s current portfolio in OnPointe.
  2. Work with the advisor to determine how much in FIAs should be used in a proposed portfolio.
  3. Get on the phone with advisors and clients to discuss the client’s current portfolio and the proposed investment mix of a new/better portfolio.

This allows an insurance agent to effectively have a securities licensed team member throw the client’s current financial planner and portfolio under the bus (something the insurance agent can’t do without a license).

Want to start gathering more AUM and/or selling more FIAs?

Then you need to start using hybrid CALM Memos!