Client Portfolio Analyzing for Non-Securities Licensed Advisors

First, we believe that all advisors should have their Series 65 license so they can provide comprehensive advice to clients. Our preferred RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) is Peace of Mind Planning. To learn about this unique platform designed to help advisors incorporate fixed products appropriately into a financial/retirement plan, click here.

Analyzing the risk of your clients’ portfolios

If you do NOT have a securities license, you CAN’T analyze the risk of a client’s investment portfolios.

So what? By not being able to specifically point out how risky their current investments are, insurance agents are missing out on using risk as a wedge topic and a reason to use fixed products to mitigate their risk.

Avoiding the Source of Funds Rule

Besides not being able to score the risk of a client’s portfolio, insurance agents also CAN’T tell clients to liquidate securities to fund fixed products.

The SOF Rule is even worse which states that even if a non-licensed advisor didn’t tell the client to sell securities to fund fixed products, if that money came from the sale of securities, the advisor selling the fixed product has violated the SOF Rule.

Peace of Mind (POM) Planning will do the portfolio review

AdvisorShare has a working relationship with POM Planning so that advisors can get the following benefits:

  1. A risk analysis of a client’s portfolio along with its specific Risk Score (using the OnPointe Risk Analyzer software).
  2. A representative from POM Planning will be available to talk with your clients about the risk of their portfolio.
  3. A representative from POM Planning can, at the client’s request, make a recommendation as to which securities should be sold to fund the fixed products.

This is a unique benefit AdvisorShare brings to the table to help advisors provide more comprehensive advice to clients and stay out of regulatory problems.