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What do you think of the following chart? Is it interesting? It should be. It’s a chart taken from Roccy DeFrancesco’s proprietary mortgage acceleration software.

-The maroon line is someone slowly paying down a $200,000 30-year mortgage.
-The green line is paying down the same $200,000 mortgage using H.E.A.P.™.

H.E.A.P.™ saved $185,000 in mortgage interest and paid off the mortgage over 21 years early. Click here to download a typical 3-page sales presentation you can use to motivate clients to work with you.  It’s extremely powerful.

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Think about it–if you had 100 potential clients in the room and you asked them if they wanted to talk about life insurance, annuities, investing in the stock market, or how to pay off their mortgage 5, 10, 15,+ years early with a plan that has no risk, no- downside, and, if they work with you, no cost, which one will they all want to hear about first?  To ask the question is to know the answer.

EVERY client with a mortgage should use H.E.A.P.™

EVERY advisor should have the ability to discuss and offer H.E.A.P.™ to clients.

H.E.A.P.™ is essentially budgeting software

H.E.A.P.™ is a software program that will facilitate a discussion about a client’s wealth, how they spend their money, what their goals are, etc.

Because it’s a mortgage topic, in order for a potential client to receive their 3-page H.E.A.P.™ printout showing them how much they could save, they will need to provide the advisor “all” of their financial data (something that is nearly impossible to come by when dealing with a new client).


To learn how to sell a significant amount of cash value life insurance using H.E.A.P.™, please click here.

Illustration System

H.E.A.P.™ is a software program that allows advisors to illustrate the thousands of dollars that clients can save by implementing the program.  Click here to watch a short video showing how easy the H.E.A.P.™ software is to use.

FYI, there are firms out there selling nearly identical software to clients for $3,500. It’s a scam to sell home mortgage acceleration software for $3,500 but it shows the value of the program and the value advisors we work with can bring to the table.

H.E.A.P.™ Video

Roccy DeFrancesco cut a video clients can view to understand how H.E.A.P.™ works and why someone would want to learn more from a H.E.A.P.™ certified advisor that has access to the software. To watch Roccy’s H.E.A.P.™ video, click here.

H.E.A.P.™ Book

Roccy not only created H.E.A.P.™ software, but he also wrote a book explaining how it works.

This book is one of several books advisors we work with can write the Foreword for (put your name on the cover and contact information in the book). To learn about how you can write the Foreword for this book or Roccy’s other books, click here.

To learn about the H.E.A.P.™ book, click here.


While using the H.E.A.P.™ software for my existing clients and new prospects, I have found that it has done a couple of things for my clients that I was not expecting.  First of all, through the process of educating them on what the H.E.A.P.™ program would do in their specific situation, I noticed a change in the thought process of my clients from looking at individual products in the here and now; to understanding the importance of proper planning and the impact it will have on their lives as they are now planning for the future. The second thing I noticed is how many people were amazed at what they could accomplish and the amount of money they could save in a relatively short amount of time.  That being said, it has been really fun hearing questions from clients and prospects like: Well, that illustration looks great, but why wouldn’t I use that money to invest for my future instead of paying off my mortgage? At the end of the day, the H.E.A.P.™ program has not only made it easier to get in front of more people, but it has also given me the opportunity to add a tremendous amount of value to my existing clients helping me solidify those relationships even further.