F&G Approves IUL Comparison Software

What is IUL (Indexed Universal Life) comparison software? It’s software that compares:

  • IUL vs. taxable brokerage accounts
  • IUL vs. tax-deferred IRA/pension accounts

OnPointe IUL Comparison Software

Recently the  OnPointe IUL comparison software went through a month-long compliance review by F&G Life insurance company. And I’m happy to announce that F&G has officially approved the software for use by their licensed agents.

Why is this a big deal?  Because MOST IUL comparison software in the industry is NOT ACCURATE and wouldn’t make it through a compliance review at F&G or any other company.

FREE Access to OnPointe’s IUL Comparison Software

As a one-time special, any agent who wants to get access to the industry’s best IUL comparison software can do so by clicking on the following:


How do you get it for free?  It’s simple, just get licensed with our IMO AdvisorShare (www.advisorshare.com) with your F&G contract.

What companies can you compare with the software?

-Allianz; -Ameritas; -Life of the Southwest; -Minnesota Life; -North American;  -Symetra

& -F&G (the software calculates F&G’s life-long trail commission product (it’s mind-blowing))!

If you are NOT using IULs as an asset class for clients under 55, you will change your mind when you download these two OnPointe IUL comparisons.

Example Comparisons

To DOWNLOAD OnPointe Outputs for the following examples Click on the following link:


Client is a 45-year old healthy male who will fund $15,000 a year into the F&G trail commission product until age 65.  I’ll use a 7.16% ROR in the IUL and 8.5% gross for the brokerage account. This is an intentionally slanted example in favor of the brokerage account to illustrate the power of the IUL.

Retirement Cash flow comparisons (annually from age 66-90):

$42,496 = Taxable brokerage account
$78,544 = IUL via tax-free borrowing    

$36,048 = Difference annually
$901,200 = Total difference ages 66-90

Tax-deferred 401(k)—for this example, I’m going to assume the client is in the 25% income tax bracket now and in retirement. The software grosses up the contribution to the 401(k) plan based on the client’s income tax bracket ($20,000 goes into the 401(k) for this comparison).

$49,257 = Annual after-tax distributions from the 401(k)

$29,287 = Difference annually
$732,175 = Total difference ages 66-90

Total “trail” commissions from sale

$7,492 = Five year total
$15,905 = Ten year total
$141,971 = Age 90 total

Newsletter takeaway

IULs are an asset class with the following characteristics:

  • No risk of loss
  • Gains are locked in annually never to be lost due to a market downturn
  • Tax-free growth
  • Tax-free cash flow

For clients under 55 who can cash flow an IUL for at least 5 years (7 is ideal), an IUL is nearly a NO BRAINER asset class.

The best way to communicate the value of IUL is to use our OnPointe IUL comparison tool. It’s the most accurate and intellectually honest in the industry and if you get licensed with F&G, you can use it for FREE through our IMO.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP
Founder, The Wealth Preservation Institute
Co-Founder, The Asset Protection Society