Tools from Is Dave Ramsey an Idiot Newsletter

Dave may be an idiot when it comes to the subject matter he proclaims to be an expert in, but he’s a very rich idiot because he’s a terrific marketer. One of the ways he markets himself is by offering tools for consumers to use. It helps him engage with consumers and show perceived value.

We have several of those tools that we allow advisors who work with our IMO use. Click on the links below to check them out!

Online term life sales engine (If Dave can sell term life on his site, why can’t you? We have access to the best term life engine for advisors to use with clients).

Online budgeting app

Debt snowball app (Show how much interest is paid on credit cards, auto loans, etc., and how making extra payments or changing what you pay off first can save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in interest).

Online financial literacy (10-module course with PDF course material, videos, and real exams)

Faith based educational offering (the anti-Dave Ramsey offering)

We also have other tools to engage leads/clients with:

Home Equity Acceleration Plan (HEAP) (pay off your mortgage 5, 10, 15+ years early software (very timely as rates are up))

3-bucket sales system

Student Loan Eliminator (pay off student loan debt years early)

Medicare Blueprint (sales platform to generate leads for Medicare)

Stop Building Someone Else’s IMO and
Start Building Equity in Your Own IMO

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP
Co-Founder: Advisor Share, LLC