Daniel W. McDonald

Daniel McDonald is the Co-Founder and Managing Member of AdvisorShare.

Before devoting his work fulltime to AdvisorShare, Daniel served as Regional Director to a traditional face-to-face wholesaling firm helping them grow to be the #1 independently owned distributor of fixed and fixed index annuities in financial institutions. During his eight years as a perennial sales leader at the firm he became a valued partner to advisors at America’s largest banks and broker dealers training their representatives how to properly use annuities that had only recently been added to their platform. Now Daniel uses that experience to help independent financial advisors identify and use high quality insurance products for their client’s retirement needs.

In addition to being a retirement insurance consumer advocate, Daniel serves on and as a consultant to school and community foundation boards helping them raise funds and choose which projects to fund.  Prior to starting his career he served as a small business advisor overseas in the Peace Corps after attending The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

Daniel is a second-generation wholesaler who has taken on the challenge of continuing to properly and effectively distribute insurance products to financial services professionals who deem them the best fit for their clients as his father has since 1978. He is insurance licensed in all 50 states experienced in considering all industry and state regulator’s rules prior to making an insurance recommendation.  Daniel’s high standard of care and good standing across the insurance industry makes him an ideal fit to be a Principal of AdvisorShare.