Using the CALM Plan & Co-Opting my Credibility
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Go after Affluent Clients with the CALM Plan!

Want to make more (or a lot more) money over the next 12 months? Great, start onboarding “affluent” clients!

What do affluent clients want? Unique value from their advisors.

What do you do that is “unique” and what is your value offering to affluent clients?  Most advisors say the following:

  • I help clients grow money without loss (safe money)
  • I help clients create tax-free retirement income
  • Our AUM platform is really good

NONE of these answers are worth a darn to an affluent client. They’ve heard them all before and you are just the next advisor telling them the same thing. It is NOT persuasive!

What’s unique about your team? Many advisors don’t have a team. Some advisors have a team, but it’s NOT that great.

The CALM Plan is Your Unique Offering & My Team is Your Team

I’ve been successfully onboarding affluent clients since I wrote my first book back in 1998 (The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide). I have proven to myself and the advisors I work with that I have onboarding affluent clients down to a science. I know what they want and how to provide it to them.

My issue today is I DON’T WANT my own affluent clients. My role is to HELP advisors pick up affluent clients and I do that with my unique credibility and what I call the CALM Plan.

Comprehensive Asset Liability Management (C.A.L.M.)

Click here to download a customizable CALM brochure (one with your name not mine).

What is CALM? In its simplest form, CALM is a formal memo I write for affluent clients. So what? What’s the big deal? Believe me, it’s a big deal because it works nearly 100% of the time.

What do I cover in my CALM memos?

  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning (including complex intergenerational planning)
  • Life Insurance/Annuities
  • Stock market risk mitigation (AUM)
  • Charitable planning
  • Corporate structure
  • Buy/Sell/Business transition planning
  • Long-term care planning

…and more. I take everything I’ve learned over the last 25+ years and I put it into a memo that is typically 8-12 and even 15 pages long.

CALM memos are ACTION memos with bullet points (in order) for the steps I recommend the client should take to address the problems with their current asset protection/estate/financial plan.

Co-opting my team’s credibility—credibility is KING with affluent clients. If they perceive you to be an insurance agent or a typical financial planner, the chances of you onboarding them is very low.

I’ve spent 20+ years building my brand and credibility as the “do-right” advisor and as someone who is proficient in “advanced” planning.

As the author of Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them, you make a statement to anyone who is reviewing your Curriculum Vitae (VC). Throw in the fact that I’m an attorney, have published extensively in financial, legal, accounting, and medical journals/magazines, and have lectured for the same doesn’t hurt.

And with me comes my team which includes attorneys, CPAs, and others who are smarter than I am on their subject matter.

So, I’ll ask again, do you want to go after affluent clients? Let’s go get them!

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP