Download Two Actual Annexus New Heights® IUL Illustrations

Thank you for your interest in downloading the two Annexus illustrations. What do the illustrations tell us? The “normal” illustration tells us that the product is not a great product. It would be #13 on our Top 18 IUL list (if we added to the list which we are NOT planning on doing). The other illustration which appears to show the client paying interest on the inflated loans that are taken out of the policy should act as a reminder to us. A reminder of what? That it’s a bad idea to play games with IUL illustrations. This illustration could be deemed deceptive in that it shows huge loans (much better than a any other policy when using a “normal” illustration), but those loan are not the net in pocket amount of the client.

To download the “normal” illustration, click here.

To download the potentially deceptive illustration, click here. Go to page 42 and review the “net outlay” report. The net outlay pages spell out what is coming out of the client’s pocket in the form of premium and what “net” the client is taking out of the policy (and it sure isn’t the $107,861 loan amount).

To download an illustration of the #1 IUL Product on our Top 18 List to see how it compares to the Annexus product, click here.

Click here to download our IUL Rate of Return Probably Chart (quite eye-opening)!

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