Advisor Share–years In The Making

Ashare is the vision of its two managing members Daniel McDonald and Roccy DeFrancesco.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the distribution of fixed insurance products, there’s been nothing new to come along in years. This revolutionary business model has been on the minds of the managing members for quite some time and it’s exciting to see the vision become a reality.


For too long the insurance industry has been one that takes care of itself first before taking care of its clients. Standard operating procedure means the insurance agent is taken care of first, then the IMO, then the client. This is a cycle that has been perpetuated by greed and/or incompetence.

AShare was created with one guiding principle in mind, i.e. ALWAYS PUT THE CLIENT’S NEEDS FIRST!

An simple example of AShare putting the client’s needs first is by recommending when appropriate what we call the “Best FIA IMOs Tell You About.” This product is a good fit for many clients but most IMOs won’t sell it because the override to the IMO is less. Because maximum overrides is not a focus of AShare, we routinely recommend products that make the IMO less money (because in doing so we are helping advisors provide the “best product” to their clients).

A secondary principle of AShare is that of transparency. Most of the time advisors have no idea what the IMO makes on products sold. Most advisors have no idea if they are getting a fair shake when it comes to their commissions. AShare will not hide the ball and advisor will no longer have to wonder.


If part of the vision of AShare is to always put the client first in a transparent model, a second part of the vision was to create an IMO that advisors could become owners in overtime with their business. There are ample commissions to pay advisors fairly and make the IMO a profitable business.

A profitable IMO means an annual profit share for advisors who place business and a potential payday if the IMO is sold some day.

The AShare model is to have advisors who take a vested interest in helping the IMO grow and who will benefit from that growth.

We want advisors go be proud of being part of AShare and reap the rewards when the IMO is successful.

If you are tired of building someone else’s IMO with your business, click here to learn more about AShare.