10-Module Financial Literacy Course

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The way advisors interact with clients has changed and may never go back to the way it used to be. That means advisors MUST adjust to a new way to educate and motivate clients and this multifaceted course can help you connect in a new and deeper way with clients (like no other tool in the marketplace today).

Marketing through education-I’ve been doing this with my consumer books for over 20 years and it works like a charm over and over! And I recently turned my several consumer books into a “financial literacy course.” When you market through education, consumers buy into what you are doing and it’s an educational experience with an outcome, NOT a sales process.

Online exams! Consumers who go through the course will be able to take a 10-15 question exam at the end of each module. This is a very unique approach to sales. Believe it or not, consumers like to take quizzes, exams, etc., and my exams are designed not to pass or fail someone, but to further teach the course material (which sets up sales to be made).

Consumers who pass the exams are pre-qualified clients. The course is a filter to determine which clients really want help and those who are time wasters.

To watch a video of how the exam system works, click here.

Online, In-Person, or Webinar Education

This is the trifecta of education! Consumers can take the course online, through webinars/Zoom meetings with advisors, or advisors can teach it live. I have all the PowerPoints and scripts for advisors to teach each module.

Topics Covered

Section 1-Bad Advisors; How to Identify Them, How to Avoid Them
Section 2-Debt Management
Section 3-Estate Planning
Section 4-Traditional Wealth Building (why it hasn’t worked)
Section 5-Investment Risk (and ways to avoid it)
Section 6-Understanding Life Insurance
Section 7-Understanding Annuities
Section 8-Asset Protection
Section 9-Retirement Life Cycle
Section 10-Designing Your Plan

This is not your father’s education course. We are going to hit consumers in the face with what’s wrong in the industry and then give them a full disclosure education.

Online, In-Person, or Webinar Education