Client First Recommendations WITH Transparency!

The insurance industry has a history of putting the client’s needs behind the insurance agent and IMO. AShare was created to break this cycle and to cater to advisors who want to put their client’s needs first!
AShare also has a transparent commission model where advisors know what’s on the table and if they are getting their fair share. It’s time to put to bed the old ways of doing things in the insurance industry and AShare is blazing a new and better trail for advisors who want to come on board.


Superior Case Design

Instead of recommending the same products over and over, at AShare, our team takes a holistic approach to case design and we strive to always recommend the best and most suitable products for clients.

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Unique Marketing Tools

Marketing is the life blood of this business and AShare has the best tools in the industry to educate and motivate clients to engage and work with advisors!

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Ownership Opportunity

Are you tired of feeling under-appreciated by the IMOs you work with? That can all change when you have the opportunity to become an owner in your own IMO (Ashare).

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The C.A.L.M. Plan

CALM (Comprehensive Asset & Liability Management) is an asset protection sales platform that is unlike anything in the industry.

What is C.A.L.M.?

95% of the time advisors who use the CALM platform pick up the client and generate significant business from the memo.

Our Partners & Affiliates

Our goal at AdvisorShare is to help advisors provide the “best” advice to their clients. That can best be done when advisors give “comprehensive” advice. The only way for advisors to give the best comprehensive advice is to have a team to support them on topics such as tax-planning, asset protection, estate planning, LTC, investment risk mitigation, etc. We work with the best team members in the industry and make those team members available to the advisors we work with.